Thursday, September 8, 2011


I love color, and I'm always browsing different foodie/sweet blogs and came across this from Martha Stewart.

Oh Martha, what have you done?  I think a pot of gold awaits after you make this.  How pretty is this?  I'd like to take a cake decorating/frosting class before I give this a go.  Martha's instructions for this cake is HERE.  I promise I will attempt to make this one day, maybe not with ALL the ROYGBV colors (9th grade Science, yo!)

I've never ate a cake from a jar, but seeing this, I'd love to!

This may be easier to attempt because you don't need to be super perfect with stacking the cakes perfectly, and they're just as pretty.  You can get instructions for this cake in a jar HERE.

I'm not sure how hard it would be to scoop the cake out of the jar but you can always push the cake up with these push pops.

Remember push pops?  I'm seeing these pop up everywhere! I found these HERE.

Oh, and of course, the rainbow cake pop!  Check out the tutorials for this HERE and HERE. 

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