Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Everything is the Same

I updated my blog name so that it matches the facebook name.  Thanks for following!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am going to be a bridesmaid for my wonderful pledge sister and friend Gee this year!  I'm honored and excited to be part of her day and when I was asked to make cake pops and macarons for her bridal shower, of course I said yes!  My inner Amy Atlas was dying to come out :) 

Luckily for me, most of the orders I received these past few weeks centered around the same theme and allowed me to practice, and when I was invited to do a girly party I knew right away I wanted to do a mini dessert table based on weddings and looooooove <3

Mini dessert table with love themed pops, wedding pops and heart shaped macarons

I made my own cake stands using candle holders and plates from the Dollar Tree. For $2 a cakestand it worked great!  Google DIY cake stand for some great tutorials.  I'm still searching a white candle holder.  Let me know if you see one for $1!

I've always wanted to make heart shaped macarons when I saw them on this blog.  This was my first attempt making heart shaped macarons, and I baked them the morning of the event.  I said many prayers to the domestic goddesses before I put them in the oven.  They must have heard my prayers because they came out perfect!  My hearts had feet!  And they had a great texture to them.  Only a few cracked, but I'm always breaking hearts :P  They're also the best to do taste tests on, so you can save the best for your family, friends and customers.

Heart shaped almond macarons with raspberry filling

I have been told macarons are meant to be eaten delicately, with little bites and savored.  When I found out the cost of each one at my local bakery I understood why.  In a later post, I'll blog about my process along with a link to the template I made. 

I'm a big chocoholic, so these were my favorite in taste and looks.  The red and white just really pop against the dark chocolate candy melts.

Chocolate cake pops dipped in dark chocolate candy melts with white non pareil sprinkles and jumbo heart sprinkles
When I think of love, I think Valentine's day, red, pink and RED VELVET CAKE! These were popular at the party.  I wish I had a picture of a bitten pop, the red velvet cake against the pink was so pretty. 
Red Velvet cake pops with pink vanilla candy and sprinkled with red non pareil sprinkles

Call me traditional but I love white wedding cakes!  I usually use Wilton candy melts because they're inexpensive and I can always find them at my local craft store.  For my wedding cake pops I wanted the cakes to be super white, so I bought a few bags of Guittard candy melts from Classic Cake.  OMG! BEST. THING. EVER!!  The quality is ubeatable compared to other candy melts. 

Look how white and shiny they look!

White wedding cupcake and wedding cake pops with red jumbo hearts

I used lemon cake to make the wedding pops.  I like to use a light colored cake when dipping in light colors. 

Wedding Cake pops with pink, red and white jumbo heart sprinkles

For the girly party, I also made 3 dozen Oreo (and a few lemon) cupcake pops as favors.  

Tagged, bagged and tied

Here's another example at how great Guittard is. 

Lemon cupcake pop


Oreop cupcake pop

Usually when dipping Oreo pops in white, you can see the black Oreo through the white candy melts.  Guittard candy melts covered it up really well.  Can you see the difference?  If no, that's a good sign! 

I'm going to take a cake pop hiatus to work on some other projects I have.  Also, cake popping in this heat has not been fun.   I'll be taking orders again in October :D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Samurai Power Ranger Cake Pops!

I made Samurai Power Ranger Cake pops this week for my neighbor's son's birthday party.  I really loved how they came out.

These round pops were dipped in candy melts and left to dry.  Once they were dried, an edible marker was used to draw the outline of each character's mask, then corn syrup was brushed over it and black sugar sprinkles was poured over.  I like how the black sugar sprinkles created 3-D effect.

Here are the Samurai Power Rangers with their soldiers.  The soldiers were sprinkled with black non pareil sprinkles.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake Pops!

When I received a request to make Yo Gabba Gabba Cake pops, I was nervous and wasn't sure I could do it.  I did a test run and I'm happy with the results!

This was time consuming! I just followed the basic steps on how to make cake pops from Bakerella and shaped them based on the character.


Brobee was one of the simple ones to make.  He's a round cake pop dipped in green candy melts.  I used jumbo red heart sprinkles for his... um, hair?  Horns?  What is it?  I drew his unibrow with a black edible marker, I did this first so I wouldn't put the edible candy eyeballs too high,  I used Karo light corn syrup and a brush to glue the eyes on and I piped his mouth with red candy melts.


Plex was a little trickier because I wasn't sure what I could use for the black part of his face. I found this small square candy mold, piped black candy melts in the mold and popped them out.  Once I dipped Plex in the yellow candy melts, I stuck the black square candy on, placed a red m&m on top and let it dry.  Once dried, I glued on the eyes.


Muno!  He was my favorite to do.  I dipped him in red and sprinkled him with red nonpareil sprinkles and let him dry.  I felt like I scored when I found these extra large size candy eyes at my local specialty cake store, Classic Cake.  I tried different versions for his mouth, but I didn't like how they came out so I left it out. 


I left the ladies for last. Foofa's head is shaped like a tear drop.  Once dipped, I placed the white Jumbo Daisy Sprinkles on the tip of her head.  I let her dry, glued on her eyes and used the edible marker to draw on eyelashes and lips.


Toodee was the hardest to do because I just couldn't get her to look exactly like the actual character.  I used the medium candy eyes at first, (top picture) but it got humid, she started sweating and and I had to redo her.  I used white ghiradelli chocolate chips for her eyes and drew in the eyeballs with an edible pen.  I would recommend using giradelli white chocolate chips because they're bigger and flatter than the nestle tollhouse ones.  I did use Nestle Tollhouse chips for the ears. 

When I finished making them I was so happy, I did a dance!  I do like to dance!


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