Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake Pops!

When I received a request to make Yo Gabba Gabba Cake pops, I was nervous and wasn't sure I could do it.  I did a test run and I'm happy with the results!

This was time consuming! I just followed the basic steps on how to make cake pops from Bakerella and shaped them based on the character.


Brobee was one of the simple ones to make.  He's a round cake pop dipped in green candy melts.  I used jumbo red heart sprinkles for his... um, hair?  Horns?  What is it?  I drew his unibrow with a black edible marker, I did this first so I wouldn't put the edible candy eyeballs too high,  I used Karo light corn syrup and a brush to glue the eyes on and I piped his mouth with red candy melts.


Plex was a little trickier because I wasn't sure what I could use for the black part of his face. I found this small square candy mold, piped black candy melts in the mold and popped them out.  Once I dipped Plex in the yellow candy melts, I stuck the black square candy on, placed a red m&m on top and let it dry.  Once dried, I glued on the eyes.


Muno!  He was my favorite to do.  I dipped him in red and sprinkled him with red nonpareil sprinkles and let him dry.  I felt like I scored when I found these extra large size candy eyes at my local specialty cake store, Classic Cake.  I tried different versions for his mouth, but I didn't like how they came out so I left it out. 


I left the ladies for last. Foofa's head is shaped like a tear drop.  Once dipped, I placed the white Jumbo Daisy Sprinkles on the tip of her head.  I let her dry, glued on her eyes and used the edible marker to draw on eyelashes and lips.


Toodee was the hardest to do because I just couldn't get her to look exactly like the actual character.  I used the medium candy eyes at first, (top picture) but it got humid, she started sweating and and I had to redo her.  I used white ghiradelli chocolate chips for her eyes and drew in the eyeballs with an edible pen.  I would recommend using giradelli white chocolate chips because they're bigger and flatter than the nestle tollhouse ones.  I did use Nestle Tollhouse chips for the ears. 

When I finished making them I was so happy, I did a dance!  I do like to dance!

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