Saturday, August 6, 2011

Samurai Power Ranger Cake Pops!

I made Samurai Power Ranger Cake pops this week for my neighbor's son's birthday party.  I really loved how they came out.

These round pops were dipped in candy melts and left to dry.  Once they were dried, an edible marker was used to draw the outline of each character's mask, then corn syrup was brushed over it and black sugar sprinkles was poured over.  I like how the black sugar sprinkles created 3-D effect.

Here are the Samurai Power Rangers with their soldiers.  The soldiers were sprinkled with black non pareil sprinkles.


  1. Love how these look! I am making Power Ranger cake pops for my son's birthday this weekend and I was wondering how you got the blue. I have candy melts for all of the colors but the blue isn't right.

  2. Hi Emma,

    I used baby blue candy melts and added dark blue candy coloring to make it a darker blue. You can find candy coloring at your local craft store. Make sure it is candy coloring, anything water based will ruin the candy.

    1. Thanks so much for your quick reply! Is candy coloring with the baking stuff? Is it made by Wilton? Thanks!

    2. Yes, the ones I bought are made my Wilton.



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