Sunday, May 22, 2011

My sister's baby shower

My first event that involved cake popping was my sister's baby shower.  I really enjoyed planning her baby blue and yellow duck baby shower.  I made a total 150 cake pops! Most were used as favors and some were for the dessert table.  With lemon cake, strawberry cake and oreos, I made four kinds of cake pops.  I made baby blue (lemon) and pink (strawberry) cake pops with white sprinkles and a cupcake cake pop (Oreos) with baby blue M&Ms.  I also made some duck cake pops using lemon cake. 

I'm inspired by Amy Atlas, so for my first event, with a modest budget I wanted to create a cute and simple dessert table with cake pops, orange creamsicle cupcakes and some brownies.  Thanks to my friends S & L, the diaper cakes were a great addition to the table! I also created the simple banner to go with the babyshower theme colors.  

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