Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not Turkey Cake Pops

Turkey cake pops are all over the blogs, facebook and Instagram. I bought a bag of candy corn last year with the intention of making turkey cake pops for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving came and went and I didn’t have any turkey cake pops to present for dinner. This year I really wanted to use that bag of candy corn and make turkey pops. I scoured the web for cute images for inspiration.

Last night I got my supplies ready to make turkey pops.  I had the Oreo balls, and peanut butter candy melts ready.

I had the eyes.

I had the hearts.

I had the noses.

I had the feathers.

I had no patience.

I made one cake pop, and gave up. I thought of the other stuff I could be doing, like sitting on my couch watching Gossip Girl. So I decided to just dip the Oreos in the peanut butter candy melts and make Peanut Butter Oreo balls.

But ugh, they kind of looked like poo. I did rush through these but I wanted to make them pretty.  I put the melted candy melts in a piping bag, and using a #2 tip piped the peanut butter over the cake ball to disguise the messiness of it.

I topped it with a heart, and put it in a mini cupcake wrapper.  They are not turkey pops, but I loved how this came out.

I think this turkey feels the love.  You can turn something oogly, to something lovely.  Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. the way you word your entries is hilarious. i feel like i'm right there with you. love it. let's have a bake sale!

    1. Thanks Karolynh! Definitely up for a bake sale soon :)

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