Sunday, May 13, 2012

Macaron and cake pop factory

No, I don't actually have a macaron or cake pop factory, I wish I did because it would sure come in handy!  Here are some things that I have worked on this month.

Chocolate red and yellow cake pops with white sprinkles for my brother's baby shower.  My nephew Ethan was born on May 4th!

Red Macarons filled with raspberry filling.  This was also for the baby shower.  This is the red that I have been trying to achieve.  I used a LOT of red powder food coloring to get it to this color.  I notice that if you let the macarons sit in the freezer for a day, it enhances the color.
My favorite color is purple!  I made purple macarons filled with chocolate ganache and the popular salted caramel macaron for a quincenera.  The color theme of the quincenera was purple.  I hope everyone enjoyed these!

 These macarons look big, but but they're about one inch rounds, which is a perfect bite sized treat!

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