Monday, October 10, 2011

Macaron Obsession!

I am a wee bit obsessed with perfecting the macaron.  I think the first time I saw a French macaron was from a dessert table featured on Amy Atlas' blog or Hostess Blog.  So pretty!

They are very finicky, and it is difficult to make them right. 

I was shopping at Trader Joe's one day browsing the frozen section and spotted this:

$4.99 for a dozen macarons?  Sweet!  And they were so good! 

When I saw this from Bakerella, that's when I really grew interested in trying to bake these on my own.

I think that I have gotten pretty good at making macarons, I have to give thanks to these sites, they were great references. 

Martha Stewart's French Macarons Recipe - This is the only recipe I use since I do not own a scale yet.  It's a great basic recipe that you can make variations to. 

Giver's Log - I forgot how I found this blog, but she offered some great tips on making macarons, and she also uses Martha's recipe above.

Syrup & Tang - My go to favorite site when I have macaron fails.  Excellent tips with images and gives you the basic and advanced understanding in the art and architecture of macaron making.  This is the perfect place for first time macaron makers.

David Lebovitz - Professional baker. He has made beautiful macarons and also has great references.

Macaron Fetish - Love her blog!  She makes beautiful macarons with unique and exotic flavors. 

I hope these sites are as helpful to you as they were to me!  

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