Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meow, meow

I have my two little nieces stay with me a lot and they LOVE Hello Kitty.   We tried our hand at making Hello Kitty cake pops before, and it did take a lot of trial and error to get the results we wanted.  My co-worker requested 2 dozen cake pops for her niece's birthday, a few weeks ago and I was excited to make them again. 
I must invest in a digital camera, my camera phone is definitely lacking.

I found the daisy sprinkles above at Michael's and thought they would be perfect bows for Hello Kitty.  When I went to Hawaii there were tan Hello Kitties everywhere, that gave me the inspiration for these!

My decorator (niece) was not with me when I made these, she usually does the whiskers.

Hello Kitty is tan and ready for summer!  Are you?  LOVE these!  Made with Oreos and dipped in peanut butter candy melts.  Now, I want to go back to Hawaii.

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